Happy Survivor Day

Not only is today Survivor Day, but it also marks the first day of Brianne's LAST month of treatment.  June 30th will be here before we know it.
Brianne has been doing well.  She finished school on Friday and earned straight A's all year long.  Mrs. Olin was an amazing teacher and we are going to miss her.  She started off our busy summer spending time with a bunch of friends and going to a birthday party.  Today she is excited to go to Flip Side for the Survivor Day event put on by the hospital she goes to.

Last month Brianne had her LAST spinal chemo.  I am so happy that she will only have anesthesia one more time for her port removal in December.  

We went camping with friends over Memorial Day weekend and were able to celebrate Brianne's 2 year cancer free anniversary while we were there.

We also had Brianne's Gold Hope Project photo shoot this month.  We truly appreciate Joyful Gestures Photography for taking time during the busy graduation season to take picture of Brianne.  We had a kitten follow us around during the photo shoot that Brianne named Mr. Pokey because he was trying to get in a cactus.

Brianne is so excited to be leaving for Connecticut on Tuesday with Camp Soaring Eagle.  She picked out the biggest suitcase she could find.  It will be very strange not having her around for 8 days, but I know she will come home with lifelong memories. 

As always...we appreciate all of your love, support, and prayers throughout this journey.