We had a lot of fun at the Botanical Gardens for Brianne's class field trip on Tuesday. We met them there to avoid the germy bus. It was hot and the kids were all cranky because they were hungry. The kids learned about life cycles and were able to go through the butterfly garden. The rest of the week was very uneventful.
On Saturday Charlie and Brianne went to see Wreck It Ralph in 3D while I stayed home to scrapbook with some friends. Brianne said that she really liked the movie. 

In the evening was the Light the Night Walk. It was very cold that evening. We bundled up along with around 40 more walkers for Brianne's Team. By the time the walk started Brianne had on four layers on top, two hats, and a blanket. She was nice and warm. We are so fortunate to have such a great group of supporters on Brianne's side.
Most of our Light the Night Team

Sunday morning Brianne played with her friend Kylee while her mom, Corey, and I did our physics lab together. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Risk (Brianne's choice).
Monday morning Brianne had her second dose of chemo for this round. Unfortuantely she was nauseated as soon as the medication was being pushed in her port. She spent the whole day feeling pretty bad, but fortunately the Zofran kept her from vomiting.
This morning Brianne woke up feeling yucky. She has started to eat a little, so hopefully in the next day or two she will be feeling back to normal.
Brianne is scheduled for her next dose of chemo, which will be a higher dose than yesterday's, the day before Thanksgiving. We are praying that she will feel well enough to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, but we will also plan a backup meal for our house if needed.


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