A Much Needed Update....

I cannot believe the last time I updated this site was in January!  We have been so busy with normal everyday life that it has slipped my mind to keep updating.  Brianne has been feeling great overall.  She continues to make it to school most days and is participating in baton after school four days a week.

In February Brianne received her Peach's Neet Feet and they are amazing.  This organization personalizes shoes for sick kids.  The artists are so incredibly talented.  Brianne loves her new shoes.

The first weekend in March Brianne walked in the Children's Cancer Network Fashion Show.  She picked out a dress with leather jacket, purse, and jewelry.  She did a great job walking in front of 800 audience members.  

She was also able to go to the Run to Fight Children's Cancer.  It was COLD!  Brianne danced, had her face painted, and played a few games.  We participated in the quarter mile survivors walk, but Brianne did not want to walk, she ran the lap and then came back to finish with us.  

Brianne started her second cycle of maintenance a few weeks ago.  Her counts have remained stable so she has stayed at 100% dosing of all of her chemo medications.  Unfortunately she caught a cold last week.  She woke up on Thursday a little congested and by the end of the night we were in the ER because she spiked a fever.  Luckily her counts were good enough for us to go home.  Thursday night and Friday morning she began coughing and not feeling well.  I took her back to the clinic for another count check to make sure she was o.k. for the weekend.  On Monday she spiked a temperature again, so we were back to the clinic (luckily  we do not have to go the the emergency room if she spikes a fever during normal business hours).  She had a bag of fluids and another dose of antibiotics to cover her in case of a line infection.  Finally she is starting to feel much better and the congestion is clearing up.  Right when life was normal a "cold" put us back in our place.  A simple cold required a trip to the ER and three doctor's visits within six days.  Hopefully the change in weather will keep her healthy for a while.

We are very much looking forward to another busy month.  Brianne has her Make A Wish trip coming up!


  1. Unknown said...

    Goodness, I hope you don't mind me blog stalking you. You happened to like my Facebook page and I looked at your profile and saw your family picture and noticed your beautiful little girl. I stalked a little more and found your blog. What an inspiration your family is, and you precious daughter. What a trial to have your child have to endure cancer and all the testing and treatments that entails. Tell her I think she is amazing and so beautiful. Kudos to you and your husband for all the time, sacrifice and heartache that journey involves. Prayers for you and your family.

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