The Bat Cave

                Brianne was so excited to be nominated to go to The Bat Cave by Camp Soaring Eagle.  It was such an amazing experience.

                The evening started out with our family parking our car at a “secret location”.  The secret location was a police substation and we had Brianne convinced that we were there to meet with the police officers to fight crime.  Her eyes lit up when a limo pulled in the parking lot with a police escort to follow with lights and sirens on.  Mr. Wayne’s chauffeur, Charles Keller, drove us to the secret location of The Bat Cave.

                When we arrived at the cave all of Brianne’s friends and family were there to greet us.  It took her a minute to realize that she had a special guest in the crowd.  When she saw Cliff she ran into his arms.  Brianne met Cliff when he and some of his Rattlers teammates were at the hospital playing games with the patients.  She has had a special connection with him all throughout her treatment.  He is so good to her. 
           We all gathered in Bruce Wayne’s office to watch a video and learn about the Bat Cave.  Brianne opened the secret Shakespeare’s bust to reveal a button that opened the bookcase entrance to the cave.  We were all able to slide down a fireman’s pole to enter the cave.  Even Cliff’s pregnant wife slid down the pole. 

                Everyone got an opportunity to play with all of the gadgets in the cave.  The kids’ favorite seemed to be the machine that let out an ear piercing alarm. 

                Next, we were able to see Batman’s fleet of cars.  The kids (and Heather) watched a movie in the parachute pick up van.  There were so many amazing vehicles to look at including the Batcycle and a Black Widow Corvette. 

                Then it was time for Brianne to start up the Batmobile.  After Brianne ran all the checks to make sure it was ready to go she got to take a ride in the car.  Charlie was able to drive the Batmobile around the building and he said it was really hard to see over the dash.  All of the kids were able to take a ride in both the Batmobile and the Batcycle. 

                Brianne was given so many special gifts at the end of the night.  She received the original Batman TV Series on DVD.  She was then given a key that will start the Batmobile!!  When she gets her driver's license she gets to come back and drive it.  Not only does she get to drive the Batmobile, but when she goes to her first dance, they will give her an honorary ride in a vehicle of her choice from Mr. Wayne’s fleet. 

                At the end of the night Brianne was able to give Camp Soaring Eagle and Hope Kids each a $2,000 check from Wayne Foundation.  They want kids to be able to experience the joy of giving.  It amazes me that they not only give children a once in a lifetime experience, but they let them give back in the process.

               We cannot thank Mr. Keller and Wayne Foundation enough.  This was a night our family will never forget.  All of the volunteers, staff, and police officers took time out of their night for Brianne, which we will forever be grateful for.  We are so thankful to all of our friends and family who helped to make the night so much fun.  


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