A short delay...

Brianne's counts were a little too low for her to start the second part of Delayed Intensification on Tuesday. Her ANC was 580, and it needed to be above 750. Today her ANC was up to 950, so she will start this phase tomorrow. I expect tomorrow to be a very long day. We will be in the POTC at 7:00 a.m. She will have to be put to sleep for her IT methotrexate. From what I hear, the new medication, cyclophosphamide, is very hard on the bladder and requires a lot of hydration to get it out of her system quickly. I am expecting one hour of hydration before chemo and four hours of hydration afterward. She will also be getting her first dose of Ara-C tomorrow. She needs this medication for four days in a row through injections, so we will be having home health come to our house to administer the chemo. She will have a small break and then have four more days of Ara-C. Lastly, she will be starting a new oral chemo, 6TG, that she will be taking every night for four weeks. 

If you lost count...that is 4 different types of chemo tomorrow. The next month should be the most challenging on Brianne's body, but we are praying that she will sail through this round as well as she has the previous.


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