Day 1 - Phase 2 - Delayed Intensification

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Brianne handled all of her medications well yesterday. We were in the POTC for 7.5 hours for everything. Before leaving Bri was having stool races with the nurses in the hallways :)

Brianne also updated her Beads of Courage while we were in the POTC yesterday.

I woke Bri up at 10:00 p.m. to take her oral chemo (it has to be on an empty stomach). She threw up 5 minutes later. We got her back to sleep and I woke her up again at midnight to try the chemo again. The second time was a charm.

Her home health nurse came today to give Brianne her chemo injection. She is very nice and Brianne seemed to be really comfortable around her. She will be here tomorrow morning and Monday. 

Other than the stomach issue last night, she has felt pretty good. I will give her Zofran before she goes to sleep tonight to hopefully avoid the same situation we had last night. 


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