Better than expected

Brianne has been feeling really well considering all of the chemo that she has been receiving this week.  With the exception of developing a little mucositis, she has done great. 
I took Brianne to the clinic today for a count check.  As expected her counts have taken a major dive.  Last week her hemoglobin was 12.4, today it was 9.2.  Platelets went from 254,000 to 100,000.  ANC is still holding pretty strong at 830.  Luckily she was not low enough to require any blood products today.  We will be going back to the clinic on Tuesday for another count check, because at the rate that they have fallen she will more than likely be ready for a transfusion by then.  
Our home health nurse came over today (twice, because the pharmacy did not courier the chemo like they were supposed to).  Brianne had her first of four injections today of Ara-C.  She will finish her oral chemo next Friday and then have a two week break to let her body recover. 
Brianne's doctor and nurse are very excited about how well she is doing in this toughest phase of treatment.  She is our little Rockstar!  Everyone's prayers are definitely being answered.


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