Brianne is still feeling great!  The antifungal medication she was put on helped her mouth sores right away.  Brianne had fun celebrating her Grandma Hopkins birthday and playing with her cousins on Sunday. 

On Monday Brianne decided that she needed to clean out her room.  We spent about 3 hours organizing her room and going through her closet.  She is so proud of how nice everything is.  In the afternoon we met Bridget with Hope Kids along with several other families to be on EVB Live to promote the Hope Walk.  She was very shy and wanted to stand in the back with me holding her.  She did let me take pictures of her with Stryker and Howler though.

Tuesday we spent another long day at the hospital.  We had a feeling that Brianne would need both blood and platelets because on Monday night her pulse was elevated and she developed bruising on her legs.   I was surprised to see that her ANC went up to 500, but her hemoglobin dropped to 7.0 and platelets to 38.  We decided it was best for Brianne to get platelets because she was bruising, even though she was not under the normal transfusion level of 20.  It was our lucky day though.  Spirit of Halloween was at the hospital giving free costumes to patients along with several other activities for everyone to participate in.  Brianne had her face painted, decorated a mask, colored a pumpkin, and played a game.  Brianne also picked out a light up ballerina dress with a matching light up wand.  Brianne also had a lot of fun playing practical jokes on everyone at the POTC yesterday.  She has an app on her ipad that farts (yes, my sweet little girl has a fart app.  I bet you can't guess who showed it to her :)).  She set a trap so that when her ipad moved it would fart.  She asked her nurses Christine and Tracy to pick it up so she could get them.  She also played a trick on Nancy with a plastic mouse that she got in her goodie bag from Spirit. 

We are getting very excited for the walk on Sunday.  Brianne will be back in the clinic on Friday to make sure that her counts are safe for the weekend.  If all is well, we will not go back until Thursday the 25th to clear her to start her next round of chemo on the 26th.


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